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“I love deadlines.
I like the whooshing
they make as they fly

— Douglas

know that Carly Simon famous song, Procrastination? Oh. . . that was
Anticipation, wasn’t it? Although, I love to insert the word procrastination in
the song because it seems to make such sense with the rest of the
. . I’m a natural born procrastinator. I have to think about it an then think
some more and then formulate it in my head and then maybe a little on paper,
and, well, you can see that I’m just a dog chasing his own tail doing that. But,
it sure seems like I’m on it and figuring it out and working on it. You know?
Yeah. I’m on it. It’s due this afternoon and it’s eleven a.m., but I’m on
is, or made-up is, whichever you prefer, if I really knew what I was doing, it
would be so easy to hit the mark ahead of the deadline. Know what I mean? But,
since I’m not sure how to express it, lay it out, put it together, or whatever
the project is, I have to think more about it and hope upon hope that I get the
inspiration that I seek. Yes, that magic something that gets me flowing and
moving and shaking and creating.
it isn’t always working on command. Yet, what can I do? I need to complete the
project and don’t know how. Not the best place to be, but it is what it
I know is to just keep focused until it is done. It helps me to take some breaks
and clear my mind, but then I’ve just got to get back on the job and trust that
it will all come to me–even as the deadline goes whooshing by.

Have Deadline? Sometimes It Helps, Sometimes

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