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“The power of affirmations 
is telling a new story  
until it becomes your story.” 
— Albert K Strong 

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[Classic post from 3-15-15]

Some may think affirmations are silly, and sometimes they feel that way, to begin with, but there is a real power in affirmations.

My favorite affirmation has become, “Things are always working out for me!” Or, things are always working out for us, or our business, or our family, etc.”

I have to tell you that this affirmation that I accepted from Abraham, Esther Hicks has made a huge difference to me and the way things turn out.

I’m getting to the point where I say it to myself all the time, and I say it aloud quite often as well. And, you know the best part? Things are always working out for me. It’s uncanny how since I started using this in earnest that things actually are working out for me.

If you have a mind to try it for yourself, please do. I think after a few weeks, or maybe a couple of months, or maybe even a few minutes, you will find that it makes a difference to you and in your life.

Enjoy The Difference That This Little Idea Contains. 

Spread Some Joy Today–How can you not be joyous when things are always working out for you?

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