Daily Inspiration 8-23-15

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“The power you give others
belongs to you. 
Take it back 
 and take yourself 
where you would go.” 
— Alan Cohen 

There’s a common phrase, “Don’t shoot the messenger,” meaning that it’s not the messenger’s fault if the message isn’t what you would like it to be. He’s not in control. Then there’s another less common phrase asking which we are paying homage or attention to–the message or the messenger?

Some may be afraid to hear a message based on the messenger who brought it to them. At the same time, some would completely reject the message because it isn’t coming from what they term a reputable source. Or, some will accept anything that comes from a source they feel aligned with or believe in.

Here’s where we let go of our power. All of this is some sort of fear. It is often trained beliefs that come from home, religion, or elsewhere. And in all, we are giving our rightful power to them, to it, whatever it may or they may be.

We come cable-ready with our own internal guidance system. When we accept the power that we naturally have rather than delegating it to others or things outside of ourselves, there is no need to fear. We can discern anything within ourselves. We will know that it is in vibrational proximity of our inner knowing, or not. We are the ultimate discerning station, and it is perfectly accurate for us every single time that we hold on to our own power to use for ourselves.

Does the message resonate; that is, is it in harmony with our inner knowing, our source within, our inner being, or does it not resonate. You could say it either feels good to us, or it feels bad to us. There is no one on Earth who can do this for us as accurately as we can for ourselves. Make up your own mind, but don’t reject the message or the messenger out of hand. When we do that, our power is given away.

Accept And Rejoice In Your Discerning Prowess. 

Spread Some Joy Today–as you find it within yourself.

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