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“Conflict cannot survive

without your participation.”

— Dr. Wayne Dyer

Tugging on the rope, resisting is one way to visualize conflict. It’s tug o’ war, me against them or us against them. In this game there are winners and losers. But if we decide to just let go of the rope, no one goes in the puddle and everyone survives. In addition, the real benefactor is the one who dropped the rope and let go. Stress is gone. Resistance is gone. Conflict is over.

That’s all pretty easy to picture, but what about internal conflict. There is you and you, you and your ego, and there is a lot of conflict going on in many of us over a wide variety of issues.

I was thinking about this aspect of internal conflict, and I began thinking about some conversation I’m having in my head with someone. I was justifying something or other to make sure that I am right and all that. I’m sure you know what I’m talking about. Sometimes we can go on for a bunch of time going from one scenario to the other, one conflict to another.

Anyway, as I was thinking about this conversation in my head, watching it unfold, participating in it as if it were real, and I became aware of my stomach. It didn’t feel good, it was tense. My stomach muscles were tightened and I could feel the tension all over my body with the highlight in my stomach area.

Then, immediately, I let go of the rope. I quit. My stomach muscles loosened and I was relaxing into a pleasant space, perhaps not even thinking of anything in particular, but just noticing the improvement in my mental attitude and my physical being.

How many times each day might we go through this conflict. And each time it requires our participation in order to continue. As soon as we let go and relax, whether it is someone we are having issue with, or our own internal struggle, peace comes in to fill that space and health and well being are returned.

Paying Attention To What You Are Thinking Is Okay, But Paying Attention To Exactly How You Are Feeling Is Your Guiding Light!

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