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“If you always live with those who are lame,
you will yourself learn to limp.”
— Latin Proverb
“You must constantly ask yourself these questions:
Who am I around? What are they doing to me?
What have they got me reading?
What have they got me saying?
Where do they have me going?
What do they have me thinking?
And most important,
What do they have me becoming?
Then ask yourself the big question:
Is that okay?
— Jim Rohn
Who we hang with is extremely important in who we are, or who we become. It is natural and so easy to pick up habits of speech, posture, styles, mannerisms when we are around other people regularly. Many times the changes in us are subtle, but they are unmistakable.
Here’s the truth: Since it is natural to have others influence us, our choices of who they are is extremely important. At the same time, it is natural for us to influence others, and our choices as to how we do that are extremely important.
Are they a positive or negative influence on us? Are we a positive or negative influence on them? Are we growing as a result of the relationship, or are we standing still? The choice is 100% our own and the results of it are also 100% our own.
I Am Under The Influence. . . Of What? By Whom?
Spread Some Joy Today–Seek people that are uplifting, encouraging and caring. Anything else is like draining the oil out of the engine and then taking a long trip.
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