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“Don’t judge each day

by the harvest you reap

but by the seeds

that you plant.”


— Robert Louis Stevenson

I love this quote. Aren’t we all looking for the harvest? Don’t we want the reward? Maybe we’ve worked for years and now it’s time to collect. Harvest can be a great time.

I was looking at this idea with a bit of a twist. Harvest reminds me of what is. It reminds me of manifestation. There it is. And, true enough in farm language and every other, harvest can be great and it can be lousy. Maybe we ignored some important points on the way to harvestland. Maybe we cut some corners, skipped a step here and there. Maybe it turned out differently than we planned on it back in the day, which now seems ages ago, that we began with a glorious end in sight.

Another way to look at it that is a bit different is that it is already done–sort of like arriving at the destination. Then what? Enjoy the harvest, of course. It will be short-lived most likely.

Sometimes we may be so focused on the reward, the destination, the end result, that we have lost touch with the fact that the harvest is simply a portion.

I like harvest too, and yet I find that I have become a more committed planter. I want the best seeds I can create or find. I want to begin very well. I want to focus on what seeds I can plant today and every day. Seeds are easily shared and can provide additional and even far-reaching benefits to those around me. I may never see their harvest, but I know the seeds well. I want to judge my day by the seeds that I plant. The harvest will take care of itself.

There will be no harvest without the seeds. In addition, the what is harvested has everything to do with what seeds are planted. So true in life that what seeds we plant on a daily basis will absolutely reap a harvest. Will it be the harvest we want? We will only know by the type of seeds we plant.

Plant Corn, Get Corn. Plant Fear. Reap Fear. Plant Discord. Receive Discord. Plant Love, Get Love. Plant Peace, Get Peace. Plant Understanding. Get Understanding.

Spread Some Joy Today–Plant the best seeds and enjoy the process.

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