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“Solutions are a given.
The real question isn’t
what the solutions are,
but what your rules are
about them.”

— Albert K

was thinking today about solutions and how sometimes we might think we
don’t have any, but in looking closer, I have noticed that there are always
solutions to a problem. Solutions are plentiful. But, are we willing to make use
of them, or are we to wait longer for something better to come along?
important than this is what are the rules we each have about what we will accept
as a solution and what we may not accept. Yes, our own rules.
as I was reading a book by Wayne Dyer, where he was talking about his very first
book and that he asked himself what he was not willing to do in order to promote
his book. The point of that is to find our rules. His were very simple. Not to
do anything dishonest, or to harm anyone in any way. That left everything else
as a possibility.
we might have a solution or multiple solutions and our rules tell us that we
cannot use those solutions. This is why sometimes it is so easy for an outsider
to point out how we create our own roadblocks to success, or how we have
solutions right in front of us and yet we don’t see it. We don’t see it because
we don’t want it. . . or at least we don’t want it that way. We might want it
another way.
think that this whole concept is interesting, don’t you? Maybe it comes down to
how bad we want to solve the problem, and when the desire gets really strong, we
may expand our rules or cut some of them loose.

Our Own Rules Are The Real Roadblocks.

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