Daily Inspiration 8-20-16

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“Do not strive to attain perfection. 
Strive to recognize it.” 

— Alan Cohen 

How perfect is that!? There it is. Maybe by recognizing the perfection that already exists, that is all around us, that is fully within us, that is life itself, we can accept perfection.

Perhaps instead of trying to be good, it might be more beneficial to recognize the good that is all around us, within us, that is life itself.

It could also be that instead of seeking joy, it may be already within us, simply awaiting our recognition of that joy that is also all around us, and is, indeed, life itself.

Instead of wanting love, we accept and recognize the truest love within us, that is all around us, that is life itself.

Rather than seeking a portion of abundance to counteract our awareness of lack, we recognize that abundance that is fully within us, all around us, and is unquestionably, life itself.

Un-Strive To Find, And Simply, And Exquisitely Accept That It Is Already, Has Always Been, And Always Will Be. 

Spread Some Joy Today–by accepting and allowing the natural joy within to wash over you.

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