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“Take care to distinguish between

things you can control and things you can’t,

so that you will no longer worry

about the things you can’t control

and will instead focus your attention

on the things you can control.”


— William B Irvine

Presence. Enlightenment. Harmony. This thought above about control and where we put our focus has been said so many ways, and I think the value of seeing it in different; albeit, similar ways allows the idea to catch more people and ultimately hold meaning for them.

In Hawaii, they call it ‘hanging loose.’ Some say the value is in letting go, or being willing to give up ideas, thoughts, and beliefs. They are all right, of course. It is all these things. It is a way to have peace, a part of being present. It is a kind of enlightenment or awareness, and it is most certainly, harmony.

I’m not real fond of the word ‘control,’ because it entertains the idea of manipulation, but really it is just choice. To choose our focus. To choose our relationship to what we choose to do, be or think.

This is all good, yet I think I’ve found a better way for me. That way is to tell myself a different and a better story, and do it so often that I drown out the negative self-talk that has always been there. By telling a better, improved story, I choose things and I allow them and accept them.

Here is a really great way to begin right now, today. Say this out loud often, and especially when something seems to not be working out as you might have desired. Say, ‘things are always working out for me.’ Whatever the issue is, say, ‘things are always working out for me.’ The first thing you will notice is that this becomes true.

That Is Some Excellent Control!

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