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“No matter what you give of
by way of authority to another, 
you are the one in choice. 
No one else can choose for you. 
No one else can change you. 
No one else can heal you 
in the beliefs that you hold.”
— Paul Selig

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One of the most important things that I have learned is to be in my dominion and to accept responsibility for my own thoughts. Certainly, I can be influenced by others in what they say or do, but no matter what, I am still in choice of what I think and thereby what I choose to say or do. No one can make me think something. It is always, always, always my own choice even on those occasions where I am choosing to blame someone other. It is still my choice to choose blame. That is still my own thought.

Here’s a good example in real life. I’m walking down the street and I see a piece of trash someone left there. Do I pick it up and put it in the next receptacle I find? Do I leave it there? Do I try to determine who is responsible? Do I chastise the unknown person who dropped it there or the wind that blew it there? I am in my dominion. I am in my choice–my choice of thought and the consequences of that thought, those thoughts. The consequences is the doing. What do I choose to do?

There have been hundreds or maybe even thousands of times in my life where I thought that this piece of trash is not my doing and not my responsibility to do anything about it other than step over it or around it and be on my way. Now, most of the time, I pick it up. Many times even though I’ve walked 20 feet beyond it, I will realize that I can choose to turn around and pick it up. I’m not saving the world. I’m simply accepting my dominion in choice and choosing to do something that resonates within me.

There are millions of times in a long life where these simple choices can be chosen in one way or another. The thought creates the action or lack of action. It may be as simple as picking up the piece of trash rather than walking past it, or as complicated as standing up for my personal truth as it resonates within me as I choose love over fear.

I Am In My Dominion.

Spread Some Joy Today–as you find your resonance which means to be in-tune with the Love that is your Source.

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