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“Do what you feel in your
heart to be right

— Eleanor Roosevelt
“Just do what feels
— Juliana

I was reminded of the most powerful force I can think of. It is our inner
guidance and then our ability to follow that guidance. We don’t always, or maybe
don’t often take advantage of it because the world around us is so darn
influential. There’s this one doing that and that one doing this, and around it
goes, so it seems nobody knows, but there is one body that knows and that is our
had a wonderful communication with a client today. It hasn’t been feeling right.
We’re doing our job, but the communication was poor. If I were looking to blame,
I would have to say there was plenty to go around, but since it is my business,
I accept responsibility for the way it was going.
The good
news is that I finally took hold of it and said what was on my mind. Many say
that you keep feelings out of business, and I say that is a bunch of crap. Of
course, that’s my opinion, and I accept that. In my mind, if it doesn’t feel
good to me, it is pretty darn certain that it doesn’t feel good to the client
either. I can tell easy enough just by the tone of voice, and also the lack of
communication–on both our parts.
I talked and shared how I felt and what I wanted to do to get it on the course
that would feel good, and I was so relieved and pleased that I wanted to jump
about the room (always wanted to use that phrase. . . seemed an appropriate
time). It took a lot of energy out of me, but the return of energy through the
elation and enthusiasm afterward was worth it.
made me think that when we do what we feel inside is right, regardless of who
thinks what about it, that we are in alignment with all that is for us. We might
even say we are aligned with God, or our inner knowing or our inner being. You
know what I’m talking about. We all feel that when it happens. We may not pay
attention all the time, but we know when it happens. It feels so right; so
perfect; and so good.
I do pay attention to this, I want to pay more attention and use it much more
often. It is perfect.

“Your Inner Knowing Is Your Only True Compass.”
— Joy Page

Spread Some Joy Today–Let it be. . . let it be. . . let it be, let it be.
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