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“No one experiences freedom
until they stop pushing against others. 
The only thing that binds you 
is the pushing against that which is unwanted.” 
— Abraham, Esther Hicks 

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[Classic post from 3-11-15]

Sometimes I see people who are sort of hung up with the past. They would love to go back and fix whatever it is that is still bothering them here today, regardless of how long ago it was. I used to do a lot of that myself. “I wish I would have. . . . It would be better if only. . . . and well, you get the drill probably.

Lewis Carroll said, “I can’t go back to yesterday–because I was a different person then.” And, I like how Robert Tew relates to the past: “No matter how much you revisit the past there’s nothing new to see.” Both well stated.

So, back to the quote, I began with about experiencing freedom. Pushing against others who have differing opinions, or even strong beliefs, or pushing against something in the past creating regret today, or pushing against an ideology, or an entity I might disagree with in their intentions or philosophy or operating practices–all of that keeps us bound in negative emotion, and held voluntarily; albeit, perhaps unknowingly from our joy, which is our ultimate state along with that feeling of love, empowerment, and of course, freedom.

Eckhart Tolle calls it awakening and becoming conscious, and others have somewhat different terms for it, but I call it awareness. In any case, it is as seeing all that is around us with new eyes. It’s also interesting that I have found that place and have been increasingly there now for several years.

That quote by Lewis Carroll is so wonderful and so true for me in that I cannot even go back as short a distance as yesterday because I was a different person then. And, as such, I have learned to stop pushing against anything in my past, and instead, celebrate it as it was perfect for me at the time with what I knew and who I was then. It’s like looking back at a path that has led me here and it is good. In other words, there is not anything in the past any more that is out of place. It is all good now regardless of how I used to view it.

As I go through my day, I might find things that I don’t like. This is perfect. Life is contrast helping to guide me to what I really want and in knowing what I don’t want, this causes me to know what I do want, so that thing that I don’t like, is perfect guidance, and therefore, there is no reason at all to push against it, but rather just accept it gladly knowing its presence is actually helpful for me. 

I’m aware, and more important to me, is that I am practicing. I practice noticing what I’m feeling. I practice paying attention to something that I don’t like. I practice seeking what I do like. I practice being freer by experiencing and celebrating more joy in my life. Conversations are totally different than they used to be. I listen more with less judgment and instead find things to appreciate. Instead of focusing on what is wrong, I look for things that are right. I see now with different eyes and I am awake to all that is going on around me and within me. And, this freedom is so fantastic that I revel in this change in me.

One last tidbit from Abraham & Esther Hicks: “Be excited about what is. Speak appreciation about what is, without justifying what is by pushing against everything else, then in all of the differences, you find exactly what you are reaching for.” [slightly paraphrased]

My Own Awareness Has Been A Complete Game Changer. Plus, Now It Truly Is More Of A Game. 

Spread Some Joy Today–in your appreciation of that joy within you.

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