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“What you have to remember
is that once you’ve done
your very best,
there’s no point in

— Mark

I received the September 2012 issue of Success Magazine. That magazine has
always been a favorite of mine since I discovered it in the 1970’s, and we
advertise in it which I enjoy since I’ve had so much enjoyment out of the
magazine through the years.
issue has Mark Burnett on the cover and the headline is TV’s Hottest Hit
Man, from Nanny to the creator of Survivor, The Apprentice, Shark Tank & The
Voice. Had to read that article right away, and it was very
He briefly
tells the story of how he came to be a TV mogul, and the beginnings were pretty
basic and he credits much of his success to being inspired by Anthony Robbins by
attending some of his seminars and studying Tony’s philosophy of
came to the US in 1982 from England with very little just out of the military as
a paratrooper, found a couple of Nanny positions and later after being inspired
to create more success, he started a T-Shirt selling business by renting some
fence space on Venice Beach. He did very well, and then invested in some real
estate, cashed in and started some other businesses, making his first million by
1990. From this place he began his real dream to be in the entertainment
business, particularly television.
part of the article that stood out for me was that he was funding the production
of his first TV show for Discovery Channel, and a lawsuit was filed to stop him
and if they had succeeded, he would have been bankrupt. Then is goes on to say,
“One of his producers, Mike Sears, went to his hotel room and was incredulous to
find his boss sleeping. “I told him, ‘I’ve tried my best and did everything in
good faith. . . what you have to remember is that once you’ve done your
very best, there’s no point in worrying.’
course, he’s so right. That is all we can do any time we do anything. Just do
our best, and let the rest alone. This is where faith comes from You do your
best and just relax in the reality that there is no more to do than this, and
the rest is not up to you. That part isn’t our job. It’s like the sign on my
wall: What is my job. How is God’s job. Every time I start trying to do His job,
I mess it up. When I stick to my job, I’m good.

After You’ve Done All You Can, Leave The Rest Of It To A Much Higher

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