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“For everything that falls through, 
something equal or better comes through.” 
— Alan Cohen 

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[Classic post from 3-8-15]

I’ve come to believe that we often get a little bit crazy about this idea of right and wrong, good and bad, success and failure. If anything would be truer, I think it would be the idea that there is the thing and the lack of the thing; as an example, there would be well-being and the lack of well-being, that we so often call health and sickness.

By looking at the thing and the lack of it, it is easier to see what the real cause of our results in life are–on which of these we focus our thoughts and energies. If we focus on the thing, we will have the thing, and equally, when we focus on the lack of the thing, we will have more of the lack of the thing. That is expanded even more by the help of the Law of Attraction adding more thoughts, circumstances, events to the point of our focus.

As we have a thought or create an action, we will have results. Sometimes the way things might work out, we say that it fell through, or didn’t work out. We might think that we made a bad decision, a poor choice, didn’t put enough into it, things were happening beyond our control, and a long list of other ways to explain it, and most of them are usually of a negative nature.

However, what if we believed that everything worked out for us? 

Maybe we were looking for The Perfect Decision. Maybe we even asked for opinions and advice of others. Yet, I’ve come to believe that every decision is a perfect decision and that there is no such thing as the perfect decision.

If we were steering a vehicle or vessel through an area of hazards that could harm the vehicle or vessel, would we not be glad to steer clear of them? To find a better way? To see a different path? To adjust to the environment?

In this way, every outcome is a positive outcome. It’s not that one outcome is bad and one is good, thereby indicating one choice was right and one was wrong, or that it was a good decision or a poor decision. It is the outcome that guides us, and that is always a positive thing. Even deeper and more important than that, it is our emotions that indicate how we feel about the outcome, and our emotions are our ultimate guidance.

We usually think of this in that when we are feeling good, it was a good decision or good outcome, and when we feel bad or negative about it, then it was a bad decision or poor outcome. Do you think it is possible to feel good about any way the outcome is, or how it turns out? Do you think you could even get excited about the guidance that came from that decision and outcome? I think we can.

It’s not about being positive all the time. It’s about believing that everything works out for us. In other words, what happened helped us to find a way to thrive, to expand, to become more, and then it actually did turn out perfectly. You have to feel good about that, so there is that good feeling emotion from something that we could have, or probably did in other times, look at with disdain and harsh judgment.

If we believe that everything works out for us, we will know that regardless of what happens, something better is on the way to us; that the next decision will achieve even better good feelings, and we find more and more joy in our travels, making decision after decision knowing full well that every decision is going to work out perfectly for us. 

Everything Is Always Working Out For Me! 

Spread Some Joy Today–because when you really get hold of joy, you will find almost nothing to not be joyful about in one way or another. Joy is a perfect decision.

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