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“The way you help anyone
is by soothing them. 
And so the way you help yourself 
is by soothing yourself.” 
— Abraham & Esther Hicks 

We cannot lift people up by putting them down. If we are to be of service in any capacity that we may be involved in, we must find ways to uplift people enough to help them see their worthiness, value, and power as much as we can. The way to do that is by soothing them and finding positive aspects about them and looking for what is right instead of what is wrong.

I was talking with a young man today who is a senior in high school and he was in a class that revolved around video and news much like a television news show might be but on a much, much smaller scale. He was the director and responsible for achieving results through a team of others. One person was resisting and though each person was supposed to do each task so they could gain experience in different positions, this person just wanted to do one position. The director wondered what to do about that.

Having been a manager for 40 years, I said that it is best to put people where they will excel. When someone wants to do a certain thing, it is likely that this is the best place for them. Encourage him to touch the other aspects, but to focus on the part he likes, and allow others to do the same.

My experience with bad management is trying to have everyone do everything. Great teams, whether in business or in sports or elsewhere are great because they take the best talents of people and put those people and talents together in the places that serve the whole in the most effective manner. So, we need to lift the players up by having them matched to what they desire and what they are good at.

In this way, we can be soothing. Being soothing is also effective in dealing with conflicts with teams, spouses, and others. Again, in soothing, we are finding what is right, what works, allow understanding.

Yet, as important as soothing others can be–and it is–we may often forget to pay attention to the most important person who is ourselves and helping us thrive. As with others, soothing ourselves is so perfect. We are our worst enemy more often than not and with many people, beating ourselves up about mistakes, missed opportunities, and a long list of so-called failures minor and major is an ongoing activity that is not the least bit helpful.

Just as with others, we need to find what is right, to admit that we are okay, that we matter, that our desires are valid, that God or the Universe loves us, that we are okay just the way we are and that we are in fact, love. We will also benefit from making a much longer list of our attributes to do everything we can to point out our wellness and our value.

Truly, we all may benefit from taking fewer things so seriously. We are all worthy, all valued, and all loved.

Take Time Today To Sooth Yourself So You Can Benefit Others. 

Spread Some Joy Today–What’s working in your life? Make a list. Make it long.

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