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“The great gift of family life

is to be intimately acquainted

with people you might never

even introduce yourself to,

had life not done it for you.”

— Kendall Hailey

Just a few more days in the Daily Inspirations celebrating just a bit of Nancy’s life and heritage. Yesterday was all about her children, and today is her family and my extended family.

Mom and Daughters Nancy and Susie

I’ll never forget when I was visiting Nancy in southern California and when we decided to get married, we drove to Oceanside where Nancy is from and arrived at her sister’s place in the evening. I walked in, gave Susie a big hug while exclaiming, ‘Hi Sis!’ She was taken aback, but I was thrilled to meet Nancy’s younger sister that she felt so fondly about. We got along magically as if it was meant to be.

Nancy’s brothers, Matthew, Mike and Tim

Next day, we went to Nancy’s mom’s house nearby and I did the same thing. I gave her mom a big hug and exclaimed, ‘Hi mom!’ She didn’t know what to think. It took her totally by surprise, and I loved her and Nancy’s dad, Dale, right from the start.

Three Gen: Mom, Daughter Nancy and Granddaughter Alisa

In fact, all of Nancy’s family was that way. Meeting her three brothers was such a pleasure and whenever I see them even today, I love them totally. They are wonderful, caring people.

Learning the Swing from an expert

My own family was disjointed to say it kindly, and not really into family the way that Nancy’s family was. I’ve attended so many Christmas times, Thanksgivings, other event get-togethers like weddings and birthdays, some here and many in Oceanside and elsewhere and every time there is such love.

Family get-together in Suisun City at the marina

Nancy’s mom, Claudine and her father, Dale are the best. They have been so welcoming and warm and friendly and helpful in every way possible. I remember trips to Washington DC, a vacation home near Yosemite, Disneyland and other places.
They have both been inspirations to me and especially Claudine, who in her mid-80s is constantly going, doing. It seems like the only time she rests at all is when she’s reading.

More extended family

Nancy’s brothers, Mike, Tim and Matthew are awesome. Matthew even lived with us in Fairfield for a while, and now has a family and lives in Spokane Washington. Mom and Dad sold their place in Oceanside and live with Matthew in his basement apartment helping out the family. What a great arrangement for everyone.

Nancy’s 40th birthday dinner

I am blessed to have inherited this wonderful family from Nancy. It is a true pleasure to know them and to spend any time with. I can only hope to continue to be a part of such a great family as this.

“Rejoice With Your Family In The Beautiful Land Of Life!” — Albert Einstein

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