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“Network continually — 85 percent of all jobs
are filled through contacts and personal references.”
— Brian Tracy
I made a resume a couple of times but have never really made use of one. I don’t think they are of much value, really. They are little more than a listing of what jobs a person has had and I think they are mainly used by potential employers to weed out those they don’t want more than anything.
I say this from an employee point of view and I say it from an employer point of view. I have had the opportunity to work for a good number of companies in my time. Not one job ever came from the use of a resume. Matter of fact, I never even filled out an application until after I had the job except for one I recall when I was still in my teens through an employment agency.
As an employer, if I received a resume in the mail, it generally went in file 13. I learned to never run an ad in the newspaper unless you wanted a career in interviewing. Most people I hired came through referrals, my own prospecting, or the bold and aggressive that would find a way to get my attention. It is interesting that I remember two candidates that I wasn’t really interested in that persisted in getting me to really listen to them and they both turned out to be very good at the job they wanted.
It’s all relationships. If there isn’t one now, create it. Best way in? If you don’t already know the person you need to know, find someone you know who knows someone who knows them. Get introduced. Seek a referral.
Or, send out your resume and hope. . .
There Are Opportunities Everywhere!
Spread Some Joy Today–You have so much more control than you think you do. Never ask–just go make it happen.
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