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What I Learned From The Bible Week
These are the things that I learned from a time of reading and studying the Bible that really stood out for me and that still have an effect on me many years later.
“This is my commandment, that you love
one another just as I have loved you.”
— John 15:12
During my 10 years in church, I wrote over a hundred songs and played and sang most all of them, some many times. Looking back on some of those songs shows me what I learned from the Bible that I felt was important and worth singing about. One of the earliest songs I wrote in 1997 was called Love One Another. It’s a silly simple song, but it expressed the same sentiment as John 15:12.
I have endeavored to do just that. It isn’t always easy, but it does get easier the more I practice. Sometimes I might feel a bit on envy as if someone is better than me in station or knowledge or skill, but I have learned to let that go as quickly as I can and just love them. They are perfect the way they are and I don’t need to or really want to change them. Sometimes I might feel a little irritated by someone in their disrespect or ignorance or anger or hate, but I have learned to let that go as quickly as I can and just love them the way they are.
I might have an instant reaction to someone for whatever reason, but now I let that go and just love them. I can say this truly, that I have come to love everyone everywhere, and the thing that would improve that even more would be to not ever have an instant reaction in any other way than to love them.
I see people that I might only see once a year at an event and I just smile and love them. It is so great to see them. We may not have any real kind of relationship, but I love them and appreciate them, and that is the relationship to me. I may not do things or think the way they do, and maybe if we were around each other more often, I would find things I didn’t agree with or like, but loving them will prevail. It is a wondrous place to me and it may not bring another soul joy, but it brings me oceans full.
I Am Very Selfish That Way . . .
Spread Some Joy Today–The key to loving others to me is in relaxing judgement and just appreciating them the way they are. Everyone deserves love. Every One. Including ourselves!
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