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“As you cannot do what you want, 
want what you can do.” 

— Leonardo da Vinci 

Another way to say this is, if you cannot have what you want, want what you have.

So, some may be thinking that if I don’t want what I have, and I don’t have what I want, how can I get what I want? An interesting dilemma. If I want what I don’t have, I feel lousy, and if I don’t like what I have or what I’m doing now, I feel lousy, so no matter what, I feel lousy, and that sucks!

But, the Law of Attraction doesn’t care about what I want or what I don’t want. It is completely neutral on all of that. It doesn’t respond to my desires, or my lack of desire. It responds to my vibration, and my vibration is vibrating according to how I feel. So, in this case, I’m feeling lousy about not getting what I want, and even more lousy because I am doing or having what I don’t want, so the Law of Attraction responds by giving me circumstances, situations, people in my path, and more, to give me more to feel lousy about.

Think of it this way: The angrier a person gets, the more opportunities show up to get angry about, until anger, hate, disappointment, revenge, and all manner of other similar thoughts rule my life. And, since the Law of Attraction is completely neutral on what I want or have, the happier I am, the more opportunities show up to be happy about, to move into appreciation, joy, and love. It responds equally to whatever vibration, or how we are feeling, perfectly, and promptly.

Have you ever been in an area, maybe at work, or a place where there are some friends and/or associates, and one might be expressing anger, disdain, being upset about something in the news–a terrorist thing, or bashing a politician or political candidate, or, “did you hear about the shooting at the ______?,” or the latest financial scandal. And then did you ever notice how many others pipe in with this story and that story and what is wrong with this and that and the other? Pretty soon there’s a whole pissing party going on. I’ve seen this phenomenon many times.

Though it is equally possible to have these parties with positive, uplifting news, they are very rare, if ever, in my own experience, and maybe you have had a similar experience. Why is that? I think it is just that negative news dominates all over the world, and so people just go with the dominant theme. Wouldn’t it be interesting if that wasn’t the case? What kind of world would that be?

Still, the point is that the Law of Attraction is bringing all of us more of what we are feeling. So, when I am feeling lousy about my job or my situation, can’t wait to change it because I want something else that I don’t currently have, I’m stuck where I am. I’m stuck because I am getting more of what I am feeling.

So, the way out of what I don’t want, or not liking, is to find ways to like it, love it, and want more of it. The feeling good feelings will draw more opportunities to feel good, which will draw more opportunities for feeling better, and this is what leads us to what we want. Feeling crappy, I’m stuck, and feeling good, I am freed to move about the cabin.

I Can Have What I Want By Loving What I Have.

Spread Some Joy Today–by turning toward that joy, feeling that feeling, and then without the least bit of effort, the sharing has begun.

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