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“Expecting something for nothing
is the most popular form of

— Arnold H

The Internet
is a wonderful idea and is constantly changing and offering more and more to
choose from. Many of those choices are ‘get rich with no investment and by
spending only 30 minutes per day or less.’ They remind me of the 10-minute,
twice a week no belly fat magic. In the 1800’s they called people that pushed
that kind of stuff, ‘snake oil salesmen.’ This magic potion, that miraculous
cream, pills to grow parts of your body and all sorts of claims were made by
them. Those claims are alive today with the variation of the way they are
spread: the Internet.
(Multi-Level Marketing) are everywhere
There are thousands of them. They used to promise making a few extra dollars and
now it seems that the new Ferrari and mansion on the hill with $50,000 per month
is the draw. They show people with those cars, on vacations we dare dream of,
living the life of ease, luxury, and complete freedom.
know many people involved in these and a few I’ve even looked at some to see what the
numbers show. 99% make less than $1,000 per month and 90% of them make less than
$250. There are all these projections of how fast the company is growing and,
well. . . it is what you might expect if you check it out.
have experience at this. I did Multi-Level-Marketing for two years full time in
Shaklee Products. I jumped in with both feet rather than playing around part
time. And, I learned a ton about what it takes to ‘make it’ in those business
all for receiving a windfall now and again, but I don’t ever expect that will
come on a consistent basis. Though it may certainly happen for a couple here and
there, it isn’t a strategy.
some lessons I’ve learned:
  • If
    it sounds too good to be true, it generally is.
  • If
    there is no investment, there is probably no reward.
  • Providing
    real value in a product and/or service is worthy of reward.
  • If
    you’re looking for a couple of super stars, that could take years.
  • People
    are easily excited in the short term, but business is long term.
  • If
    you would buy your own products and/or use your own services even if you weren’t
    in the game anymore, that speaks volumes to others.
  • Making
    it a business is far more than calling it one.
  • You
    can’t consume your inventory, you must sell it.
  • It
    isn’t easy. It may seem simple, but it isn’t easy.
  • There
    is far more hard work than anyone ever told you about.
  • There
    is an extremely high failure rate.
these kind of opportunities are done well and treated as a legitimate business
with investment, planning, execution, doing well is a possibility worth
entertaining. If it is a quick ride to the promised land one is after, the
likelihood of that is slim and none.

Just My Humble Opinion, Of Course.

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