Daily Inspiration 8-15-10

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“Wherever we look upon this earth,
the opportunities take shape within the problems.”
— Nelson Rockefeller
This is funny to me and as I think about it, I just smile. I am really beginning to see problems as fun, interesting and exciting. I know that sounds odd, because I would have thought that was crazy not so long ago.
Here’s something even more odd: I now believe that there would be no opportunities without problems! Way out there, right? I think every problem contains many opportunities, so the thing to do naturally as a result of that thinking is to GET EXCITED ABOUT PROBLEMS!
How about this as a reaction to a problem: Wow! Isn’t that fascinating! Look at all the things I’m going to learn from this! How exciting is that?
That might be too much too soon. Try this: Very interesting. I wonder what I could learn from this?
Still too much? Maybe this: This is stupid. What is going on here? I’m tired of these problems always happening to me. It’s just my luck.
Or maybe that’s too much still. . . What the f&%$ is the matter? This stupid economy is killing us and all our hard work. I just can’t get a break! This country is going to the dogs and those money grubbing . . .
Well, we could choose one of those. . . which one will serve us best?
It’s All About How We Choose To Look And Feel.
Spread Some Joy Today–May the joy of the problem be with you!
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