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“Also, if nothing else,
writing this book has really
changed the way I
experience bookstores. I have
a whole different
appreciation for the amount of work
packed into even the
slimmest volume on the shelves.”

— Jesse James

been just six months since I published a book called, Commercial Truck Success,
and it was an interesting project and there were many lessons learned and more
coming as it gets spread around the country.
lesson is that it is a lot of work. But, not so much that one should shy away
from it because there is a certain feeling of accomplishment when it actually
and finally gets published and printed.
lesson is an appreciation of those who do that a lot. My book is relatively
thin compared to a typical John Grisham novel and all I had to do was talk about
what I’ve done, whereas John must create characters, plot, many, many scenes and
so much more. John C Maxwell is a favorite non-fiction author and he has
published 60 books and I don’t know how he does that with all his speaking
engagements and appearances, plus running several businesses. Some people just
amaze me!
lesson is that the real work begins after the book has been published. Of
course, that is only if you want others to read it. There is much to do to get
copies of it to key places, find outlets such as Amazon.com, etc.
lesson is that one isn’t enough. I’m planning on the expanded version of my
book, and thinking of other projects too. Once you begin sharing your ideas, the
thing to so is share them.
lesson is to practice as often as you can at the craft of writing. When I was a
teenager, I decided I wanted to be a writer, but I didn’t do anything much about
that until much later in life. In the last few years I have improved my writing
skills so much that it is hard to recognize the older writing, and that is as it
should be. Practice makes perfect was something I was always told, and it is
true that practice will lead to greater ability even just by the virtue of
actually doing it more often. I became a blogger and that is a lot of practice
right there.
lesson. Don’t try to do everything yourself. Find skilled people to help you
produce a better product by editing, advice, ideas, graphics, marketing, and
more. This was the first time I hired an editor and without Wendy VanHatten of
VanHatten Writing Services (it’s a blatant plug!), it would have been a lesser
product. She made a great deal of difference and I appreciate her contribution,
plus guiding me to the publisher as well.
lesson is that there are many benefits to going through the process and sharing
your ideas, skills, etc. You will know what they are and they will probably
accumulate as time passes and the book is distributed.
the majority of the larger lessons, and there are many other smaller lessons,
and that is to be expected. Every new thing is a learning experience and, in my
opinion, worthy of the risk.

Step One: The Idea. Step Two: Is It Worth Sharing? Step Three: Start

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