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“Giving thanks for abundance 
is sweeter than 
the abundance itself.” 

— Rumi 

Giving thanks is to be in appreciation, and to be in appreciation is to be in love. Something that I posted by Abraham, Esther Hicks a few days ago says this nicely too: “When you concentrate on appreciating, then appreciation comes right back–but you are really not looking for appreciation to come to you; you want the feeling of appreciation flowing through you.” 

I’m not sure I totally got that until this morning when I saw the above quote by Rumi. It’s worthy of repetition: “Giving thanks for (being in appreciation of) abundance is sweeter than the abundance itself.” 

It’s kind of like when we want something, even when we want something very strongly, it is that feeling of wanting it and imagining receiving it that is so much more powerful than when we actually manifest it. This happens so often that if other beings were looking at us running around toward things that we want, and then not really wanting them after we’ve gotten them, they would think we were a bunch of flighty ungrateful misfits. But it is more our nature to want than to have. Having is nice, but wanting is life itself, because wanting is the flowing of energy.

So all of this about abundance, caused me to think about joy and appreciation–two of my favorite subjects–well, they’re closer than that even, as they are such similar vibrations, along with love, freedom, and knowledge. As I thought of that, I know that the source of my joy is and has always been appreciation, or being thankful, if you will. As I am focused on appreciation, as Abraham said, appreciation comes back to me. In other words I feel one with it. But where that thing called joy comes from is the feeling of appreciation flowing through me. 

When we concentrate on abundance, abundance comes right back, or rather, we align with it, connect with it, recognize it, realize it, and what really floats our boat is the feeling of abundance flowing through us. That feeling is an acknowledgement of the most powerful connection of all–the connection with our inner being, or all-that-is, God within, or whatever words to describe that that works for you.

When we concentrate on joy, that joy is returned. The connection is opened, and the rush we have in joy is the feeling of joy flowing through us, not achieving joy, but experiencing joy, feeling joy alive within us.

It is all about energy, and flowing energy. We get to choose how we will flow energy. We get to choose our focus, our concentration. As we choose and focus, it is returned to us, which opens the connection to more of it, and it is the feeling of that flowing in us that is what makes us feel alive. 

This flowing of energy works with whatever we choose and focus on. It can be joy, and it can be pain. It can be appreciation, and it can be hate. It can be powerfully negative, or powerfully positive, and we all get to choose. Some people love that feeling of the energy of hate flowing through them. We all get to choose. Personally, I choose not that. I am rather fond of appreciation and joy–and abundance. I love the feeling that comes from that, so that is my choice, focus, and feeling.

Choice. Focus. Feeling. 

Spread Some Joy Today–by choosing it, focusing on it, and feeling that energy of joy flowing through you. The source of joy is appreciation.

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