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“Life will give you
whatever experience is most
for the evolution of your consciousness.
How do you know this is the
experience you need?
Because this is the
experience you are having at the moment.”

— Echart

2 hours into Echart Tolle’s follow up book to The Power of Now, called A New
Earth: Awakening To Your Life’s Purpose. It’s a 9 hour audiobook, so I’ve got a
ways to go, and I am enjoying every bit of it so far.
I was listening, the quote above got my attention in a big way, so I wrote it
down and wanted to share it. You don’t need to believe in him, or even any thing
he says, or even the quote above; however, I thought that if we all just
considered it for a little while, maybe something would come of it.
consider that life is actually giving you whatever experience that is most
helpful for your consciousness, your growth, your becoming. . . Yes, consider
it now about where you are right now in your life–the things going on right
now. The problems. The situations. All of it. And, now consider that it is there
ON PURPOSE! To benefit you. Even though, at the moment, it may not be so pretty,
nice or pleasant. Even through what may be financial difficulties, family
illness, or other so-called struggles.
regardless of what is going on or where you’re at, consider that life is giving
you this experience because it is the most helpful to you.
don’t know about you, but as I contemplated this idea, I found a profound peace
that I really hadn’t experienced before when it came to what is going on in my
life at any given time. It offered me a way to accept what is, rather than to
resist it or justify it or wish that it were something else. It allowed me to
be more in the now and less in the past and the future. It caused me to think
about how the current situation fits into my life, to see possibilities instead
of problems, and expand my concept of myself. It also indicates to me different
solutions than I might have thought of previously. And, it is so satisfying to
contemplate this idea.
do I know it is what I need? Because it is happening right now. Wow. That’s a
powerful follow up. It takes the old phrase that things happen for a reason to
another level.
even believing in this idea, but just trying it out as if it could be true, I
came to see this part of my life in a new and refreshing way.

“Life Isn’t As Serious As The Mind Makes It Out To Be”
— Echart Tolle

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