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“Life is full
of obstacle illusions.”
— Grant Frazier

[Classic post from 6-12-14]

I’ve been reintroduced to goal setting philosophies as part of a youth mentoring program I just entered. Let’s see, there are short-term and long-term goals, then there is the SMART goal system–Specific requiring precise action, Measurable and tangible so we can see it coming together, Attainable so that we aren’t just dreaming, Realistic, so that we aren’t pulling the wool over our eyes, and Time-Based, so that it has some sort of deadline.

These are great if someone can truly relate to them and make use of them. I have studied goal setting most of my life by reading books, going to seminars, listening to tapes and more. I’ve heard from and read some of the best in the world on the subject. I’ve tried and tried and tried with this program and that, this form and that, this philosophy and that, this success secret and that. None of them helped me a bit.

It’s probably just me. I’m sure all my readers are avid goal-setters and have the system, whatever it is, down to a science and you’re fulfilling all your life desires with precision, focus and accountability. You probably fill out goal setting sheets for all your goals and keep them in a notebook, checking, re-checking and updating your progress. Or not. Maybe you do. Frankly, I haven’t met anyone who does this well, but it could be you. You’ll have to send me an email and tell me all about your success secrets.

It’s not that I don’t have goals from time to time. It’s just that I finally gave up on all that other stuff and just did what I found worked for me. What that was is to find my desire, focus on it, build energy upon it, execute activity with that in mind, and stay on target. We could call that the FDFBES system I suppose, but that won’t really help much.

Decide what you want, and make sure it is something you want and not something you think you should want, or that someone else wants for you. You alone decide. Since you want it, focus on it. Get all the delicious details spinning around your head. Watch videos, get brochures. Build energy around it. See it, feel it, touch it in your mind, picture yourself there doing it enjoying it, drinking all the joy of it in. With those thoughts in mind, act on your inspirations. Be fearless enough to take some steps without necessarily seeing the whole picture. Step out in faith. And last, stay with it through temporary obstacles which may be many. It’s just your own ego trying to keep you in place. Heck with that! You still want this, don’t you? Then stick to the vision!

That works for me, and the more visual it is, the better!

What Is It That You Said You Wanted?

Spread Some Joy Today–Tomorrow is another day. There is only now. All joy is felt and created in the now. Just do it. Waiting until tomorrow will not help.

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