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“Leadership is not meant to be
and all-or-nothing

— John C

want to complete the quote above. Here it is: “Leadership is not meant to be an
all-or-nothing proposition. If being someplace other than the top has caused you
great frustration, please don’t throw in the towel. Why? Because you can make an
impact from wherever you are in an organization, even if you face additional
the next paragraph in John C Maxwell’s wonderful book, The 360 Degree Leader, he
goes on to say something very important: “I believe that individuals can
become better leaders wherever they are. Improve your leadership, and you can
impact your organization. You can change people’s lives. You can be someone who
adds value. You can learn to influence people at every level of the
organization–even if you never get to the top. By helping others, you can help
am a huge fan of this book. In every way, in every position that I have ever
been in, I have endeavored to lead–to be a leader in that position that I have,
regardless of how high up the ladder it was. In all of the organizations of
which I was a part, I may have been high up the ladder, but was never in an
ownership position until my own business; however, that has never stopped me
from leading to the best of my ability from where I was, and even leading beyond
my position from time to time.
can tell you unequivocally that this concept is an excellent place to be and I
encourage it within everyone in every organization I’ve ever been a part. Every
organization needs a wide variety of leaders. In fact, they cannot function
without them. The more there are, often the better the organization can
is also critically important to realize–and this was a tough one for me from
time to time– is that being at the top is not necessarily as good as where you
are now. Often, I thought that I would be better in the top leader position
within companies that I was a part of, but now looking back, I’m not nearly so
certain. This is partly because I now own my own company for five years, and I
see a lot of companies in action in the position I hold now. Plus, I’m older and
wiser now than I was then.
is easy to take pot-shots at the top leaders when you’re on the firing line and
you know what needs to get done and it isn’t getting done. The thing to
concentrate on is what Teddy Roosevelt famously said so well: “Do what you can,
with what you have, where you are.” That is such excellent and timeless advice.
Just focus on today, right now, with what you have, what you can do and then do
it. Be the leader. It doesn’t matter so much whether you’re paid to do it that
way or not. Leaders don’t go around asking for money for every movement. They
just move. Go for it. If money comes, great. If money doesn’t come, great. At
least you will have learned to be a better leader. That is something you can
cash in down the road for sure and for certain.
highly recommend this book, The 360 Degree Leader by John C Maxwell. In fact, I
recommend every book by this man. He is a leader and has learned how to create
leaders, teach leaders, and lead leaders. I haven’t quite read all his books,
but more than ten of his sixty books is a good sampling.
you’re not already doing so, consider stepping up your leadership position. A
good start is getting this book today.

Lead, Follow or Get Out Of The Way!

Spread Some Joy Today–Begin looking at yourself as a leader wherever you
are in your company. It will be way more fun anyway. Become a risk-taker.
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