Daily Inspiration 8-11-15

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“Being compassionate 
means being able to see 
beauty, greatness, and potential 
where everyone else sees 
lack and limitations.” 
— Mira Kelley 

A week or so ago, I gave what I thought was a better definition of compassion. Then, I began reading a new book by Mira Kelley and she offered something that jumped off the page at me.

Here’s a better part of her quote on compassion: “We need not look to save anyone, or to feel responsible. Nor do we need to feel guilty that we’re better attuned to abundance and support. Instead, we can find the possibility of being truly compassionate. Being compassionate means being able to see beauty, greatness, and potential where everyone else sees lack and limitations. We can see behind the masks of failure, sickness, and not-enough-ness to the true strength underneath.” 

What A Perfect Vision Of Compassion. 

Spread Some Joy Today–by demonstrating your compassion for others.

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