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“Learn to express,

— Jim

been an avid fan of Mr. James Rohn, business philosopher, I’ve used and love so
many of his quotes. I have a whole book of them. Tonight I was about to look
through the pages of this book for an idea and boom!–this quote above jumped
off the page in my face.
first, I thought, well. . . what does he mean by that? How might have this quote
been used in one of his teachings. Truth is I don’t know. He did thousands of
teachings, but as I reread it, the quote spoke to me, so I thought I would share
that with you.
I was young, I always wanted to impress. I wanted to impress my mom and dad, my
grandma, teachers, even other kids so I could be in their group. As I grew up
and went into the business world, I wanted to impress my coworkers, my boss, my
wife and so on.
some point, I found that to be less than fruitful, sort of like chasing a
rainbow. So, I began to learn how to express more and try to impress less. I
must admit to having some deep seated insecurities or something because this
transition has taken a long time. But, I do believe that I have made the
transition to focusing on expression rather than impression.
can express or impress with our speech, our deeds, our activities, even the
career choices we make. We can express or impress with our finances, or lack of
them, our accomplishments or lack of them, our friends or lack of them, and so
on. In fact, in anything we do or say, we can be focused on expressing
or impressing.

The Difference Can Easily Be Seen In What We Do, What We Produce, And How
We Behave.

Spread Some Joy Today–Stop by your favorite coffee shop and bring your
coworkers a nice coffee treat. Or, at least one. . . or maybe a dozen premium
donuts. . . Fun!
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