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“Silent gratitude isn’t much use to

— G. B.

once in a while, I put in a quote at the top that I disagree with. This one I
disagree completely with. I think I get the message is to speak your gratitude
rather than holding it inside, but it would have been better said that
reason I disagree is that I have come to believe that gratitude is one of the
most powerful forces for change and an easy way to expand love. In fact, as I’ve
said a few times before, I think gratitude, or being grateful has changed my
life so much just in the last five years, that it’s incredible.
I used silent gratitude all day long. I look out the window at the trees, blue
sky, clouds, whatever is going on with the natural environment around me and I
sing grateful praises silently. I go for a walk and do the same thing. I think
of people and think the same thing. In fact, the vast majority of my gratitude
is silent and unlike the quote above, I think it is of huge value to me and to
others around me. I do believe that my attitude created by my gratitude is an
effect on others even not saying a word.
you want to see love expand in your life, just begin singing praises of what you
see around you throughout your day. You will be amazed at the difference in a
very short time.

It’s Never Too Late To Begin Being

Spread Some Joy Today–show people how much you love them with your eyes
and your demeanor. Words are good, but optional.
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