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“We’re so accustomed to the miracles
happening around us every day that
we don’t even see them as miracles anymore.
For most of us, our rules for what’s valuable
dictate that we covet things that are scarce,
instead of appreciating the miracles that are abound”
— Anthony Robbins, Awaken the Giant Within
I had lunch today with a dear friend and in part of our conversation a book I had recommended came up. It is one of my top ten favorite books I’ve ever read, Awaken the Giant Within by Anthony Robbins. So, tonight, as I passed my bookshelf, I pulled out my well worn hardcover copy and randomly thumbed about and the chapter titled, Rules: If You’re Not Happy, Here’s Why, got my attention.
The quote above came as a result of Anthony going to Hawaii some years ago to see the total eclipse of the sun. Thousands showed up to do the same and just as it was set to begin, clouds covered the sky and all the people were unable to see the event, which happens very rarely. As they all watched it on television, Anthony was observing all the different reactions, complaints and such about how they felt about missing the rare event. He said that, “each person responded according to their rules: their beliefs about what had to happen in order for them to feel good about this experience.”
I see that play out almost every day. I know some who have so many rules about how things “should” be that it is pretty much impossible for them to feel good because it is so very rare that all the stars would line up in that order at that moment. What I have found is that the more rules a person has about the way things should or need to be, the less happiness they can experience and it is simply a result of their own beliefs.
Anthony went on to say that the eclipse would be cool, but it was just 4 minutes of darkness and wasn’t any more a miracle than the sun coming up every morning, and that we become “habituated,” and accustomed to that miracle happening every day, so we give it little or no attention. Certainly, the media gives it no attention. It isn’t rare.
Yet, it is a miracle if ever there was one, as are sunsets, the Sun, the Earth, the Stars, the air we breathe, the oceans, each other, animals. In fact, we are completely surrounded and filled with miracles all day, every day of our existence. The good news is that we can begin any moment to appreciate some of these things any time we want, as often as we want regardless of how many times the sun comes up.
I was thinking today what a wonderful place to live would be so that I could watch the sunset any and every evening that I wanted to. In fact, it is sort of a tradition in island areas where there are no obstructions to visibility, to gather at sunset and stand in awe of the wonder of it. I’ve seen it from Hawaii many times and it is a special treat from the top of Mount Tamalpais near San Francisco. But, I can see it from where I live too, so I have no requirements to stop me.
Today is a good day to begin to take a refreshed look at everything and every one that is around us and begin to regularly appreciate the thousands of miracles right before our eyes.
“The Truth Is That Nothing Has To Happen In Order For You To Feel Good.” — Anthony Robbins
Spread Some Joy Today–Examine your rules about how things need to be in order that you feel good. Maybe it is time to let some of them go. It is a joyous day when you just feel good because you choose to! Practice makes perfect!
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