Daily Inspiration 8-1-19

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“Equality is being
neither above,
nor below,
and not the same.”
— Albert K. Strong

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Being the same is not being equal. It is conformity. You could call it group thought. We agree with each other on certain things, yet in conformity, there is no life. In equality, there is plenty of life because we are honoring each other wherever we or they are. In equality, there is no desire to be more or to be less. Yet, we are celebrating (honoring) our diversity because to be the same is to have endedness. Life is indeed in the living, and the best that one can live is to appreciate equality and diversity at the same time. This is love.

I Honor Your Choice In Whatever You May Choose.

Spread Some Joy Today–by choosing that in which you can know and feel the resonance in your choice.

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