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“Resentment means 
to feel again.” 

— Tara Brach 

You probably know what I’m talking about when I say that sometimes I read or hear a thought expressed, and it resonates so deeply in me that it is like cathedral bells all over the city clanging at the same time. This quote from Tara Brach was gleaned from her amazing and insightful book, Radical Acceptance. I am almost finished with the audiobook and have learned so much that is very helpful to me.

One of the most curious things about learning is that an idea can be expressed in a thousand and more ways, and yet, some miss it, and then, maybe even years later, it may be said a slightly different way, or maybe we are simply in a different mindset, and seemingly all of a sudden, it makes perfect sense. It is so strange how that happens.

I’ve studied Abraham, Esther Hicks for some time since I was first introduced to them in 2007, and having read their books, watched many hours of video, listened intently to many audio programs, and have practiced the teachings. Pretty much everything that they have said was said in the mid-1980’s, and today, Esther is still doing seminars, videos and more. Certainly there are new ways of saying the same thing, and so since we are all unique, some are learning for the first time, others may be awakened, and still others continue the search.

It’s already out there if you want it. I believe that. I know that I attract the the books I choose to read, audiobooks I buy, videos I watch and so on. Because of the millions of things out there, I love the whole idea that I am attracting what I want and need right now, and relaxing now in that knowledge to allow them to come through and brighten my life.

Many times people have written a note to me responding to a certain Daily Inspiration message that resonated so powerfully for them and it was exactly what they needed when they needed it. Yes. It happens to me too. It’s perfect. As with this new audiobook that I am so delighted with, what I need to read, hear, see, renews my enthusiasm for the search for knowledge. Did you know that on Abraham, Esther Hick’s Emotional Scale there are 22 positions? I’ve shared it before. At level 22 is depression, fear, grief, despair and powerlessness. I’m sure we’ve all felt some of that and maybe many times in our lives. But, did you know that at number one is love, joy, empowerment, freedom, appreciation, and. . . knowledge? Yes, knowledge.

There is something so powerful, loving, joyful, and freeing about gaining knowledge. Learning has always been one of my favorite things. I am constantly learning more. I do it for myself because I want to understand more, and I do it to share because I am driven to do so.

I’ve gone off road for a bit, but it’s all good. Back to the idea of resentment. Isn’t that fascinating to read that resentment means to feel again. Can’t you just see yourself resenting someone, or something, or a situation, and you are re-feeling it again, and again, and again. It’s so true, isn’t it? 

Resentment is also related to anger, blame, rage. Two days ago, I talked about the value of anger. The only real value I can sense is to create movement in letting go of a bad feeling place to move toward a better feeling place–to make a transition, to awaken us to our inner power to change, to make a different choice, to get off the merry-go-round of some of those spinning emotions like despair, powerlessness, and more. And, resentment to me, is one of those merry-go-round emotions. Holding a grudge, reliving over and over a scenario whether actual or imagined, being stuck in a negative spiral of self-defeat.

The whole idea of realizing and understanding this idea of the emotional scale is to see that we can have improvement in how we feel. We all want to feel good. So many of the negative things we do, we do because we think it will help us to feel good. Our ego lies about that, but, realize this: we are not our ego. We are all powerful. We are creators. Once we allow ourselves to see how it is that we are living, as if we are on the outside looking in, we can change at will.

Seek relief. Seek improvement, even if only a step up at a time. A little more relief here, a little more there, and pretty soon, we are feeling better and better and better. Resentment really is feeling again. We can let go of that, or hold on to it as we desire. We have all the power needed to do either.

Ahhhh. . . To Feel Good Again! And Again! And Again! 

Spread Some Joy Today–by imagining yourself feeling joyful. Your body responds to imagination as easily as what we consider reality. Imagine going to the sink with a pitcher, turning on the faucet and filling that pitcher with joy. It feels good just to be near it. Now, pour it over your head. Let it run all over your body. It won’t go on the floor, so don’t worry. Your skin will absorb it all in a glowing response to delight.

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