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Special Note To CTS Daily Inspiration Readers:

First of all, THANK YOU for being a reader and thank you for all the wonderful comments that I’ve received over the last four years.

It has been suggested by many people that I create a book out of the CTS Daily Inspirations. I had mixed feelings about this. As people have continued to make the suggestion of the book, I had an idea that I think would make this an interesting and unique book. If many of you who are readers, have been touched by one or more of the inspirational messages, wrote about what inspirations inspired you, encouraged change and growth and generally how they affected you in a positive uplifting way, I would gather these into what I think would be an interesting and powerful book. If you are interested, please send them to me in an email to tminion@commercialtrucksuccess.com. I will include this message for about one month so that all can see it. Feel free to send as many as you like and I will keep you posted on the progress of this idea.

“It is easier to resist

at the beginning

than the end.”

— Leonardo da Vinci

In this third installment on the subject of resistance, let’s take Leonardo da Vinci’s quote and add to it an expansion of the idea by Steven Pressfield:

“The most pernicious aspect of procrastination is that it can become a habit. We don’t just put off our lives today, we put them off till our deathbed. Never forget: This very moment, we can change our lives. There never was a moment, and never will be, when we are without the power to alter our destiny. This second we can turn the tables on resistance. This second we can sit down and do our work.”

Having written songs, a couple books and a couple thousand other messages, the key is getting past the resistance. It is always stronger at the beginning. Procrastination is resistance’s favorite ally. Procrastination comes from the ego’s preoccupation with ‘what if’s.’ The ego doesn’t want us to make a bad decision so it questions everything, leading frequently to no decision, or procrastination. Once begun, however, it is amazing what can get done in a very short time.

A book can be thought about forever, and written in a few days. The difference is sitting down and writing. Just like walking–once in motion, you can probably go for a long distance, until tomorrow morning.

Think of it this way: Steven Pressfield says that “resistance by definition is self-sabotage.” Now I have a new way of looking at resistance: self-sabotage. I had never looked at it that way. I understand self-sabotage, for I’ve practiced it far too often, but I’ve never seen it as resistance and now a lot of things about how I’ve acted or failed to act make more sense.

Sometimes All It Takes Is Hearing Or Reading Something Phrased A Different Way To Gain Instant Understanding.

Spread Some Joy Today–Hug someone. I love hugs.

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