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“The real source of “stress” 
is actually internal; 
it is not external, 
as people would like to believe.” 

— David R. Hawkins 

I’ve heard many people say that they need a vacation to get away from all the stress at work. Or at home. Or anywhere else outside of themselves. But because stress is simply caused by a point of view, or more accurately how we think about something or someone, how does one run away from oneself? It seems more likely, based on what causes stress, that we would take it with us everywhere we go.

Taking a vacation does seem to relieve stress for so many, but it isn’t the distance from the thing or the other people, it is the releasing of the resistant thoughts by focusing on something pleasurable and enjoying the thoughts about that. Yet, when we return to our home base, it doesn’t take very long until our resistant thoughts return the stress we vacationed to escape from. It’s still not the place, people, or things. It is purely our own internal thinking and resultant feelings. Stress is simply a feeling, which is demonstrating physically from our thoughts. The source can certainly feel as if it is coming from the outside environment because of this, but it is all internal.

Stress can become debilitating, as can depression, powerlessness, anger, grief, fear, and more. As we think the thoughts that are causing these physical symptoms, we are unknowingly attracting more of them via the Law of Attraction.

Maybe you’ve heard one or more people say something like, “these things just keep happening to me. I don’t understand it. It’s not my fault. I want it to stop.” This is all “being against the world,” like the song by Kenny Ascher and Paul Williams that Helen Reddy popularized, You and Me Against the World. Isn’t that the grandest picture of resistance!

Of course, an excellent and effective plan is to simply let it go and think about something that feels better. That would be the best answer in virtually every conceivable situation. Pay attention to how one is feeling, then if not feeling good, stop thinking the thought that doesn’t feel good by replacing it with a thought that feels better, one that when thought causes a better physical feeling. Simple, and many might find this not so easy, but that is another form of resistance in play.

Because we get to choose our thoughts always in all ways, any stress or other kinds of negative symptoms have no power over us without our permission. They are all voluntary in that way. We may feel that they are thrust upon us, but how we feel about that which is demonstrated physically as stress, powerlessness, depression, etc., is caused by how we think about our situation or about others or about things. They have no power in and of themselves. We give them all the power they need. And, equally, we can remove all the power we choose. It is all internal, and always in our control, though we may certainly not choose to control it. There are rewards involved, though many might not like that concept. If not for the rewards, we would choose something else.

Moving away is strictly a temporary relief as in a vacation. And choosing a better feeling thought is an excellent answer to the situation in general, but the single best solution possible is to see the situation, people, things in a different way than we have been seeing them. This is the cure rather than just treating the symptoms. When we change our mind by changing our thoughts about that person, that job, those circumstances, or whatever it may be that is causing the negative feeling that we label as stress, and other names, they change. It seems ridiculous on the surface, but it is so true in practice. As Wayne W. Dyer said so many times, “when we change the way we look at things, the things we look at change.” 

Here’s the good news. We are in control. We get to choose. We can choose stress. We can choose depression. We get to choose powerlessness, anger, frustration, grief, despair, all of it. We choose it all. At the same glorious time, we can choose happiness, contentment, hopefulness, optimism, enthusiasm, eagerness, passion, freedom, joy, appreciation and love. No one has the authority to choose for us. No one. Because no one can think our thoughts for us.

Choose As You Will. That Is Your Will Power. Joy Is A Pretty Good Choice, Don’t You Think? 

Spread Some Joy Today–by making choices that feel your way to joy.

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