Daily Inspiration 7-9-15

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“Life is less about 
getting somewhere, 
and more about 
being somewhere.” 
— Alan Cohen 

Here’s a question for you: Who’s in charge? Let’s improve on that question just to make sure: Who’s REALLY in charge?

How often do things happen that frustrate you? How often do you blame others for events in your life? And, here’s a more telling question: How often do you beat up on yourself for decisions in the past, not doing what you said to yourself you were going to do, and the list can get very long here. 

I’ve figured out in my life that my biggest problem, strongest adversary, most persistent naysayer, and most critical voice is my own.

The best question I learned is to consider who’s really in charge here. It certainly isn’t the real me. It’s that other guy. When I remember who is really in charge–the real me, the spiritual me, the part of everything me, the portion of God me–I can see clearly the tug-o-war rope I’m holding in my hands and what a struggle it is just to stay in one place. Once I see the rope and the resistance I’ve been clinging to, I know that the real me is in charge, and I just drop the rope and relax.

I’ve gotten much faster at recognizing what is going on through frustration, impatience, disappointment, initial-response anger, worry, and more. Now, I pay attention to how I am feeling. Am I feeling tense? Fearful? Worried? Frustrated? When I recognize that I’m not feeling good, I remember that the other guy is temporarily in charge. As quickly as I can, I choose to feel better because I want to feel good. In this process, I begin to relax.

I might close my eyes and just breathe for a bit, or look at and appreciate something in nature, celebrate what a nice day it is, put on some Jim ‘Kimo’ West slack-key music, move around, any number of things that will bring me back to the reality that the real me is now in charge. As I am there, I feel better, I am relaxed, I am peaceful, and I am refreshed. Then I laugh at how good it feels to be the one really in charge.

Who’s In Charge? Who’s REALLY In Charge? 

Spread Some Joy Today–by feeling your joy.

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