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“Why do bad things 
happen to good people?”

— Age old question 

Just for fun, we might want to flip this question around a bit: Why do good things happen to bad people? When put that way, it helps put things into at least a little perspective.

The bigger question is, ‘who says bad?’ At the same time, ‘who says good?’ Frankly, it is someone making that up anyway.

I think there are only actions and results and all of that is neutral. It is only when we label things, such as good or bad, that we add a moral code to the actions and create all sorts of emotions about it. It simply comes down to how we choose to think about something, or what we believe or have come to believe, and even a belief is just a thought we keep thinking over and over again.

There are plenty of benefits that come from events–even those that we might construe as bad. Who knows how it happens, or why it happens? A lot of people want to know why, but it really isn’t their affair to know.

I have many examples in my own life of things that seemed bad that were really good. But, of course, I am still judging it, and it is better to say there were benefits. For years I lay down at night in my bedroom and seeing the ceiling, hated the sprayed popcorn treatment throughout the house. Every time I looked at it, I wanted it gone. Then came the fire. The fire was in one room but blackened the whole house. As a result of the repairs, I got rid of the popcorn ceiling.

There were several times I might have been killed or injured in a vehicle and split seconds, perhaps even thousandths of a second changed the outcome. There were times when I lost my job and suddenly there were many open doors I had not seen before.

It really comes down to, rather than the event, it is how we choose to think about it that makes all the difference. Some people may get a diagnosis that brings them to life rather than death. Some may have an event that in certain circumstances would be devastating that becomes their greatest blessing. Some have a business fail to lead them to a better choice, others lose a long time job and find their entrepreneurial spirit reborn. Some find divorce was the best thing that ever happened to them.

It isn’t the event, but how we choose to think of it, label it, create beliefs around it that speaks to us of what kind of event it is. One might choose depression, despair, and others may choose joy or gratitude. We each have full control of the choice.

Let Us Be Conscious Of Our Own Power To Choose. 

Spread Some Joy Today–You’re on a delightful journey. Enjoy the ride.

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