Daily Inspiration 7-9-13

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“You know you’ve made it

when you suddenly realize

that there’s nothing in the world

anyone might ever give you,

no matter how grand or fabulous,

that you can’t give to yourself.”

— Mike Dooley as The Universe

I subscribe to several daily inspirations myself and once in a while I need to pass one on. This one is from www.tut.com and Mike Dooley pretending very nicely to be The Universe. Always uplifting and often so insightful and thought provoking. The quote above came yesterday and to me, this is the kind of quote to print out in larger letters and stick on the wall or in your daily planner. It is also one of the best definitions of success I can think of. Enjoy!

We Are So Much More Than We Think We Are.

Spread Some Joy Today–What can you give yourself today that will help you find more joy?

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