Daily Inspiration 7-8-13

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“You cannot fail,

you can only produce results.”

— Dr. Wayne Dyer

I absolutely love this quote and it could just as easily say, you cannot succeed, you can only produce results. What I love about this is how it puts things into a perspective that is focused on the present and creates an attitude of the love of doing a thing. Whatever I do, I produce results. It would only be my judgment of those results that would indicate success or failure, good or bad, etc. In thinking of just the results, it allows me so much more freedom and childlike interest in whatever I may choose to do.

Of course, if the results, which are guaranteed, happen to be not to my liking, I may choose a different action that will produce results that are more to my liking. This way, I am guiding myself with love and empowerment.

Everything Is More How We Choose To See Things, Or Experience Things, Than What They May Be To Others.

Spread Some Joy Today–Since joy only comes from within, you are always 100% in control of your joy. As you release it in whatever quantity, it is shared.

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