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“It is something to be able to paint a particular picture,
or to care a statue, and so make a few objects beautiful,
but it is far more glorious to carve and paint the
very atmosphere and medium through which we look.
To affect the quality of the day–that is the highest of the arts.”
— Henry David Thoreau
I don’t know as two days together could be more different, but it is fascinating to say the least. Today was filled with joy most of the afternoon and here it is late in the evening and I yet have a smile thinking about it still.
I’ve heard that phrase, “joy beyond measure,” and I think I’m beginning to appreciate what that means. Today I had such joy for a friend and client–actually two of them and what they are doing together as a team. It is an amazing thing to watch and a joyous experience to behold their success as this union begins to unfold. It’s been such a short time so far, and if there’s this much joy now, I eagerly anticipate being completely overwhelmed with it down the road.
I’m joyous about my little company Upward Trend and the awesome people that have chosen to come together here and do something special. I watched my main business partner today give a presentation and I was in awe of it. He acted like he owned the company (which he does) and the confidence and knowledge and skill he demonstrated was incredible in comparison with our beginning three and a half years ago. It is such a joy to see and I am just thrilled to have him be a significant part.
Then I was talking with our other main team member who is stuck in her office in front of a computer most of the time and what a fine job she is ALWAYS doing. Her skill and care stands out and I am in pure joy that we are fortunate enough to have her with us on this interesting journey.
It seemed like everywhere I turned today I was feeling joy, appreciation, experiencing wonder and awe, being relaxed and excited at the same time. It was like falling into a tub of love, a phrase borrowed from one of my favorite movies, Enchanted April. It is love. Everywhere I was today, I felt immersed in it equally sharing it and receiving it at the same time.
Of Course, You Know It’s Contagious, Right?
Spread Some Joy Today–Seek things and people to appreciate today and feel the love.
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