Daily Inspiration 7-6-14

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“Anyone who is 
at peace with himself 
is at peace with others.” 

— Georges Devereux, the character 
from the movie, Jimmy P. 

Lately, I am finding inspired messages that jump out at me when I hear them or see them, and many have come from movies that I have seen in the last few days. They’ve given me enough for many inspirational messages.

The one above was spoken softly in the movie, but he may have well been screaming it considering how it immediately got my attention. I thought, ‘Wow! That is so powerful, simple and so true.

Think about it. Conflict with others is an indication of conflict within ourselves. Anger with others is an indication of anger within and of ourselves. In fact, it is our own thinking that creates these emotions, to begin with, not stimuli from somewhere else.

That means that when we are at peace with ourselves, happy with ourselves, respecting and loving ourselves, it is not really possible to be otherwise to others.

It All Begins And Ends With Ourselves. 

Spread Some Joy Today–with joy in your heart, it cannot be helped.

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