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“It’s not the situation. . .
It’s your reaction to the situation.”
— Robert Conklin
The saving grace is that it has become very rare in me, but today I had a poor reaction to a situation and spouted off with some anger and frustration. I felt insulted after working very hard and a little list of such justifications for my position. And though I knew full well that I was over-reacting, I spent a good part of the day thinking about it and feeling poorly as a result.
I was quite amazed that I was reacting this way. It wasn’t an earth-shaking event, the insults didn’t draw blood, the roof is still on the house, and though it was 106 degrees today, the air conditioning didn’t quit, so how bad could it be? I felt like I was slipping backward for a while, but finally put it all into perspective late in the day.
I realized that my reaction was not just to this situation. That was just the focal point for a while, but it was a reaction to feeling overwhelmed, overworked even, and those are not the least bit helpful places to languish for more than a few minutes. Of course, it really wasn’t that either, but only my reaction to the idea of it–a perspective.
As with any seemingly negative situation, if we will allow ourselves to see what the silver lining might be in it, certain progress results. So, I made a decision to dedicate more time to myself for myself to put me into perspective with all that I’ve chosen to become involved in doing. That decision feels great and I am looking forward to July 6th as my first day. I’m dedicating a minimum of 2 hours a minimum of 5 days a week toward that end. In the priorities of my day, I now have a reasonable standing.
I Guess I’ll Just Have To Be A Bit More Organized!
Spread Some Joy Today–If you’re feeling poorly today, see if you can consider it’s true source and then put it into perspective. Joy is always the way.
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