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“This is a glorious time 
for me to be on this earth!” 

— Quote from a Well Being Card Deck 
by Esther & Jerry Hicks 

Here I am today nearing my 65th birthday and I am more inspired than I think I have ever been in my entire life. How can that be? It isn’t what I thought I was taught about getting older. In fact, it is the opposite.

When I say inspired, I don’t mean that I have a new goal to do something, or to achieve something. I am inspired in the sheer joy and gratitude I feel for virtually everything in and around me.

A reader for a few years sent me a very kind note that had this line in it: “I want to thank you for the time you take and the thoughts and quotes you share that help everyone who read them be better people and enjoy life more. Your messages are clear: it is all about attitude, gratitude and choices (all of which are in our control.)” Since that is what I have learned that has led me to where I am now, that was as accurate an assessment as I could imagine.

I get so grateful now for such common things, and I’m continually amazed at how I can find even more to be grateful for. For example, I put a short note on my facebook page about how grateful I am for the Internet. The things I have had access to that I never had before the Internet, and the millions of things that people share and I sample the tiniest bit of and still find crazy amounts of information, guidance, inspiration and the list goes on. The video I shared yesterday is a perfect example and then I went and watched more from the person I had only learned of yesterday in that first video, which by the way, was suggested to me by an email from a website I subscribe to that I found on someones facebook post a year or two ago.

In addition to those things about the Internet, I make a living on the Internet and employ others in that as well. So, that’s a big deal, but even if it weren’t for that, I’ve learned how to cook certain things, fix things, learned not to try to fix things, seen very helpful product comparisons by actual users to help me buy a great video camera, learned how important audio is in the hundreds of videos we do for our clients, and I could easily go on for ten or fifteen pages or more of all the ways in which the Internet, Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and a hundred other services has given me great benefit, joy, inspiration, and help.

As I am more grateful every day, and seeing no end to the depth of it, I find ever more things to be grateful for. This changes my attitude to be more positive every single hour of every day. It leads me to make joyous choices. If there were only one single thing that I would recommend to put into practice to change everything else in your life, it would be to begin a practice of thankfulness and gratitude for every situation, every circumstance, every relationship, every moment of your life.

There Is Zero Doubt That It Has Changed Me Forever. 

Spread Some Joy Today–Exactly. You do that with your joy. Simple.

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