Daily Inspiration 7-4-11

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“There is nothing wrong with America
that cannot be cured
by what is right with America.”
— William J Clinton
As America celebrates its 235th birthday of the signing of the Declaration of Independence, there is much that is wrong according to many and yet, I am agreeing fully with Bill Clinton in that what is wrong is cured by what is right. Ofttimes it is just a matter of what we choose to look at and then how we choose to interpret that view. We have a tendency to see things through the filter of our own philosophy and that has a determining factor in what is wrong and right. All of this applies equally to a government as it does to us individually.
Today is a day to celebrate what is right, or at least that a decision was made to change course. We can look at what has come since then and point out each failing step, or we can choose to see more of, or only the successful steps. It is that choice that acknowledges the freedom of the event of the signing of the Declaration of Independence. It was then, and it is now the same in that.
Make It As Much An Independent Celebration As A Corporate One!
Spread Some Joy Today–by letting your real self out to play today.
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