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“Faith is not believing that God can.
It is knowing that God will.”

— Ben Stein

I found that I wasn’t a very good Christian. I did that for a number of years, but it never quite felt right in church. I sort of felt that so many that were in church were much better than I about praying for things and they could go on and on about that, saying it all in a certain cadence and rhythm, with the most accepted phrases used in the right sequence and all that stuff. They were always asking God to do something, almost pleading sometimes, then saying that if it was His Will to be done they would be pleased. It just never made any sense to me.
The reason it didn’t make sense is that I took Matthew 21:22 to heart. Jesus said in that verse and several others a very similar message, “And all things you ask in prayer, believing, you shall receive.” So, to ask with the possibility of an unknown answer was just not believing to me. His statement is pretty clear to me.
There were many times in a prayer circle I would give thanks for the problem and be grateful and it was as if I were against God. How that could be is beyond me, but you had to be there I guess.
Anyway, I’ll not go any further into my church experiences except to state that I think our power is in praying, doing, acting in the belief that it is already a foregone conclusion that what we want is already and though it may not yet be seen, is absolutely coming. I also think that we need practice at this concept. So, the more often we practice it, the better we get a believing it when we say it. Think of it as an affirmation, because that is essentially what it is with power.
Many times we might think we are not worthy, but we are. Many times we might think our power comes from somewhere outside of ourselves, but it doesn’t. What would cause us to believe in a Creator and not in us as the created? Many times we might ask for a little when we really want a lot, but do we really think the creative power of God making a button or a penthouse on Park Avenue is different?
More than anything, whether it is in church, in sales, or any other place, it is our belief, along with our worthiness to state what is desired, and with the conviction that knows the power that exists is true. That kind of belief and power is worthy of practice.

Wishin’ and Hopin’ and Thinkin’ and Prayin’. . .

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