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“You see, what I think it is, is, 
that I think I’m more comfortable
with being disappointed. 
I think I’m angry with you 
for trying to take that away.” 

— Kate Walker character in the movie, 
Last Chance Harvey

Is that a telling statement or what? Have any of you ever felt that way, even though you may have never had the courage to actually say it? We do have a tendency to develop and then stay within our own comfort zones when it comes to relationships, work, you name it.

I love movies that move me and speak to me and those are the ones I buy so I can watch them many times. Last Chance Harvey is one of those so-called sleeper films that I found that I just had to own.

Every time I watch it, I learn something new and it is a delightful piece of not so uncommon human interaction involving divorce, children, a declining interest in work, and if all of that weren’t enough, Harvey loses his job while he’s in London, yet at the same time, he finds inspiration in a woman he meets in the airport and makes a conscious decision to go with the flow until his life has not only broken out of his comfort zone but is taken to new and unknown places.

I can so relate to where his head must have been. The best part of the movie is how he finds his life that he somehow stepped out of some time ago. Now, he is renewed and real. Before it was all fake, creating images, being someone he isn’t and much more.

The other thing that really stands out for me in this movie is that he makes a conscious decision to go with the flow. He feels a spark and he follows that feeling. He drops his routine or common response to situations and decides to just follow his feelings rather than his head. What great advice that can be for all of us from time to time.

If you haven’t seen it, I invite you to rent it and see what you will. If not for the movie itself, for the awesome dialog and life messages it contains.

Letting go of the oars and allowing yourself to go with the flow is very powerful.

Who Knows Where You’ll End Up? 

Spread Some Joy Today–It’s never too late. There are no last chances. It is now. Then now again, then now again.

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