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“Green Eggs and Ham was the story of my life.
I wouldn’t eat a thing when
I was a kid,
but Dr. Seuss inspired me
to try cauliflower!”

— Jim

is something so powerful about being inspired. There’s hardly anything like it
in the world. Being inspired used to be something that was hit and miss and
unreliable; however, I’ve found some things that are helpful to make it as
consistent as we might like.
is simple and easy and here it is: get around people who are inspired. It is
absolutely contagious and when you get around others who are inspired, it is
pretty much impossible not to be inspired yourself. Do it often. There are
plenty of people who are inspired to get around. Seek them out. Purposely choose
to associate with them.
way is to get involved with projects and community where ever they may
be. That’s easy too. Just find things that you like and become involved. Find a
cause that you feel good about, a group that you like. That’s all that is
required–that you like it. As you become involved, you will be constantly
inspired. And, as you meet the other people involved, you will find
inspired people because inspired people are involved.
another way is to lead. Decide to do something that you may have been putting
off or said you didn’t have time for, but always wanted to. Just get going.
Invite others and see what happens. When you’re inspired, it’s a sure bet that
others who appreciate inspiration will want to get involved with you.
about people and ideas and people sharing their own joy in something that lights
them up and inspires them. Whether you join, create or just hang out, it is your
choice to choose to be inspired.

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