Daily Inspiration 7-3-11

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“It is impossible to defeat an ignorant man in argument.”
— William G McAdoo
I thought this quote was funny when I saw it, then I started thinking about it more and it is so true. I have this phrase I say often about “swimming upstream.” That phrase is indicative of how I will spend only a very short amount of time in argument with people, and especially ignorant people. What’s the point? It’s not like it is possible to educate them in one sitting.
Sometimes it is what people think they know that helps them to finally know they know when someone presents a valid argument. Surely I wouldn’t spend much time in helping them convince themselves of their position, so I just swim upstream a stroke or two and then let it go and float away back downstream where life is peaceful and calm. I let them keep their illusion and wish them well with it.
After all, what good is logic to the illogical? Or reason to the unreasonable? Better to find a person who is less focused on their own ignorance.
The Less Time We Spend Trying To Convince People Who Don’t Want To Be Convinced, The Better.
Spread Some Joy Today–This is one path to joy: stop swimming upstream. Let it go. Put the oars in the boat and trust. With practice, it will be a natural high.
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