Daily Inspiration 7-3-10

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“The truth is more important than the facts.”
— Frank Lloyd Wright
If there is a simple definition of a genius, I think it is someone who fully understands this short, beautiful and bountiful quote by Frank Lloyd Wright.
Truth is simply what we believe. Sometimes what we believe is in opposition to what many call the facts, or what is, or their truth.
To fly your truth in the face of facts is pure genius. Without it there would be no electric light, automobile, rubber tires, and a billion other things and events.
Another way it is said and says pretty much the same thing in my mind is this quote from Albert Einstein: “Imagination is more important than knowledge.”
We each have this genius. I believe that totally. Many of us choose not to allow it, let it out, follow through. Those are the facts, aren’t they? Now, what is your truth?
I See The Truth And It Is Out Of This World!
Spread Some Joy Today–Release just a little tidbit of your natural genius today. Not too much–just a tidbit. You’ll enjoy that ride, I assure you!
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