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“The greatest discovery of
my generation
is that human beings can
alter their lives
by altering their attitudes
of mind.”

— William

idea expressed by William James above was not really a new idea, it was just
that it was getting more activity. This idea is thousands of years old and it
was spoken of in various ways in ancient texts, but it just wasn’t accepted as
the norm. Even in William James day at the turn of the last century, it was
gaining some traction, but still not considered normal or accepted by
today’s world it is still not ‘normal;’ however, it has gained so much traction
and has become such a wide spread idea by many hundreds, even thousands of
teachers all saying the same thing in a wide variety of ways. So much so, that
many of these teachers call it a movement, or to use many of their words, an
can recall studying some of this idea in my twenties, some forty years ago, but
it was not easy to find books on the subject, or they were disguised as
something else. And, today, there is an abundance of writings, recordings,
Internet products like blogs, websites, YouTube videos, and more. I think this
is so exciting! I have learned so much from just sampling that abundance and it
is inspiring, uplifting, and empowering to me.
don’t concern myself where the world is in their search for meaning, nor anyone
around me really. I do see people who are a bit lost or out of synch, but that
isn’t my affair because I know that I couldn’t have been told anything until I
was ready to hear it. When the student is ready, the teacher will appear is very
accurate. When people are ready, they will attract the information they want or
need–just as I did.
am very grateful for all of the teachers and authors who have been willing to
put information out there so that I could trip over it from time to time prior
to allowing it to come in. I cannot thank them enough because it has so
radically changed my life.

Now I Find Myself One Of Those Teachers . . .

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