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“The ultimate reason for setting goals is to entice you
to become the person it takes to achieve them.”
“Beware what you become in pursuit of what you want.”
— Jim Rohn
Jim Rohn was a huge influence on me and continues to be from the volume I’ve read and listened to from him over a period of many years. They call him the World’s Greatest Business and Personal Success Philosopher. He had such a way of explaining things in simple terms and stories. The two related quotes above have always been special with me because I’ve always heard people talk about the person who became wealthy but also became an extremely poor citizen and a terrible person.
That person never listened to Jim Rohn, because Jim was always interested in becoming more in all the best areas of his life. He knew that he had to become more in order to be more successful, wealthy, healthy, wise. He knew he had to expand his own awareness and to expand his generosity and to become friends with more people and to provide so much more value than in the past in order to move to that higher level. He had to grow and become more.
I’ve known this for some time and I am constantly becoming more. Now, two and half years into my own business, I see this philosophy playing out so much clearer than before, and I can see how necessary and valuable it is to do what it takes to become the kind of person it takes to achieve the goals. Were it all to stop this moment, the growth curve would be so sharply upward that it would be unmistakable.
Here’s a toast to setting goals and becoming the person it takes to achieve them!
Beware Of Who You Become In Pursuit Of What You Want.
Spread Some Joy Today–Think of ways in which you can become more, provide more value, have more generosity, and generally expand your greatness. It will be worth it.
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